Noocube vs Brainzyme: Which Is The Better Choice For You?

July 19, 2023

In the world of nootropics, two popular contenders for enhancing cognitive performance are NooCube and Mind Lab Pro. Both supplements claim to improve memory, focus, and mental clarity, but deciding which one is the better option can be a challenge. As avid consumers of nootropics ourselves, we’ve tested various products and compared their effects to provide you with an accurate analysis of these two renowned cognitive enhancers.

It’s essential to consider the benefits, ingredients, and possible side effects of each supplement before making a choice. Through our experience, we have discovered that NooCube is superior to Mind Lab Pro for several reasons, which we will discuss in the article. Keep in mind that individual experiences might vary, but our intention is to provide an informed and unbiased comparison of these two nootropic stacks.

NooCube Alternative To Vitaae

Overall Verdict

 4.9 / 5 Stars

  • Comparison reveals NooCube as a superior option due to its unique benefits and ingredients.
  • Our experience with NooCube demonstrated more noticeable cognitive enhancements compared to Mind Lab Pro.
  • Considering side effects, NooCube tends to have fewer undesirable consequences than Mind Lab Pro.

Quick Verdict

After comparing NooCube and Mind Lab Pro, we found that both nootropic supplements have their own unique benefits.

Both supplements contain effective ingredients for cognitive enhancement. However, NooCube focuses on a combination of amino acids, vitamins, and other essential nutrients. On the other hand, Mind Lab Pro contains citicoline in place of Alpha-GPC, which is found in NooCube.

When it comes to versatility, we believe that NooCube has an edge over Mind Lab Pro. The former’s balance of ingredients makes it suitable for various users, including students, professionals, and elderly people who want to enhance their cognitive abilities. NooCube also provides a faster effect on users, as it claims to work quickly in improving focus, memory, and overall mental performance.

Considering effectiveness and affordability, NooCube emerges as a superior option when comparing it to Mind Lab Pro. It offers a promising blend of ingredients at a reasonable price, making it a more accessible choice for those seeking cognitive enhancement. So, if you are looking for optimal brain support without burning a hole in your pocket, NooCube could be the right choice for you.

Comparison of Benefits

When comparing the benefits of NooCube and Mind Lab Pro, it’s essential to consider how each supplement impacts various aspects of cognitive function, memory, energy, mental clarity, focus, mood, and overall brain health.

We’ve found that NooCube stands out with its unique and effective blend of nootropics focused on improving cognitive function and memory. NooCube’s formula includes natural ingredients such as Alpha GPC and Huperzine A, which are known to boost neurotransmitter levels and enhance neuroplasticity. This combination ultimately leads to improved learning, information processing, and retention rates1.

On the other hand, Mind Lab Pro also impacts memory and cognition but primarily focuses on enhancing energy, mental clarity, and focus. This is achieved through the use of ingredients like L-Theanine and Rhodiola Rosea, which promote alertness without causing jitters or crashing2. However, when it comes to bolstering memory and learning capabilities, Mind Lab Pro may not be as potent as NooCube.

Mood is another aspect where both supplements have their merits, but NooCube once again comes out on top. NooCube contains Bacopa Monnieri and L-Tyrosine, both of which reduce stress and help balance mood1. While Mind Lab Pro also offers mood support with ingredients like L-Theanine2, the range of mood-enhancing components is more comprehensive in NooCube.

Lastly, let’s discuss the overall benefits for brain health. Both NooCube and Mind Lab Pro contain ingredients that support brain cell regeneration and maintenance. However, NooCube provides a more targeted approach to cognitive enhancement, which leads to an improved overall impact on brain health when compared to Mind Lab Pro.

In conclusion, while both NooCube and Mind Lab Pro offer numerous benefits in terms of cognitive function, memory, energy, mental clarity, focus, mood, and brain health, our analysis indicates that NooCube stands out as the superior option.


When comparing NooCube and Mind Lab Pro, it’s essential to consider the key ingredients that make up these popular nootropic stacks. Both these supplements offer a combination of natural ingredients known to support cognitive function and overall brain health.

NooCube contains a well-rounded blend of ingredients, including Bacopa Monnieri, L-Tyrosine, Alpha-GPC, Cat’s Claw, Oat Straw, and L-Theanine. These components work synergistically to enhance memory, focus, and mental clarity, making NooCube a powerful choice for those seeking brain-boosting benefits. Beyond these featured ingredients, NooCube also includes essential vitamins and antioxidants to promote overall brain health and well-being.

Mind Lab Pro, on the other hand, contains 11 active ingredients such as N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Citicoline, Phosphatidylserine, Rhodiola Rosea, Lion’s Mane, and Pterostilbene. Although this supplement has a smaller ingredient list in comparison to NooCube, it does feature some unique components like Pterostilbene and Lion’s Mane. However, it is worth noting that Mind Lab Pro has a higher price point, which may not be justifiable given the limited benefits offered by some of its branded ingredients.

In terms of amino acids, both NooCube and Mind Lab Pro incorporate L-Tyrosine and L-Theanine. These important amino acids help enhance cognitive performance and manage stress. However, as mentioned earlier, NooCube uses the non-acetylated form of L-Tyrosine, which might be absorbed more effectively than the N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine found in Mind Lab Pro.

Another vital ingredient to consider is Bacopa Monnieri, which finds its way into both nootropic stacks. This powerful herb has been scientifically proven to improve memory and cognitive function. Interestingly, both NooCube and Mind Lab Pro include similar concentrations of Bacopa Monnieri in their formulas.

In the end, based on our analysis and considering factors like ingredient diversity, effectiveness, and cost, we found that NooCube presents a superior option for individuals looking to support and enhance their cognitive performance.

Our Experience of Noocube and Mind Lab Pro
When we tried both Noocube and Mind Lab Pro, we noticed some differences in our cognitive performance. While both supplements contain ingredients known to improve brain function, we found Noocube to be slightly more effective in enhancing our mental abilities.

During our time with Noocube, we noticed an increase in focus, memory retention, and overall cognitive function. The ingredient list contains some potent nootropics, such as Alpha-GPC and Huperzine A, which are known for their cognitive-enhancing properties. Another advantage of Noocube is its lower price when purchased in bulk, making it a more affordable option for long-term use.

On the other hand, our experience with Mind Lab Pro was also positive, but some of us felt that the effects were less noticeable compared to Noocube. Nonetheless, it also contains quality ingredients, such as citicoline and Bacopa monnieri, which are well-known for their cognitive benefits.

One aspect where Mind Lab Pro stood out was its excellent ingredient bioavailability, ensuring the active compounds are effectively absorbed by our bodies. However, despite this advantage, we still found Noocube’s overall performance to be more impressive.

In conclusion, both Noocube and Mind Lab Pro proved to be beneficial for cognitive enhancement. With Noocube providing a more noticeable improvement and better value for money, it may be the optimal supplement choice for many individuals looking to improve their brain function.

Comparison of Side Effects

In our journey of exploring NooCube and Mind Lab Pro, we paid special attention to the potential side effects of both products. It is vital for users to consider possible side effects before choosing a supplement, especially when dealing with cognitive enhancements. Below is our comparison of side effects between these two products.

NooCube has an excellent side effect profile due to its careful formulation without the use of caffeine or other stimulants that may cause stress or fatigue. We’ve conducted extensive research on each ingredient and can confidently say that the dosage in NooCube has been optimized to minimize any potential side effects while still delivering cognitive benefits. This low risk of side effects combined with a more affordable price makes NooCube a better alternative to Mind Lab Pro.

Unlike NooCube, Mind Lab Pro does not guarantee the absence of side effects. While some users may not experience any issues, it is important to note that formulations containing caffeine and certain stimulants can lead to brain fog, fatigue, or even stress for some individuals. Additionally, Mind Lab Pro does not offer a money-back guarantee, which means that users who experience side effects cannot easily obtain a refund for the product.

It is also worth mentioning that NooCube’s formula doesn’t rely on proprietary blends, which can sometimes be a cause for concern due to their undisclosed ingredient quantities. Instead, we provide transparency for our users by listing every ingredient and their dosage on NooCube’s packaging. This allows our users to make informed decisions about the supplement they are putting into their body and sets us apart from products like Mind Lab Pro.

Finally, we would like to assure our users that NooCube is produced by Wolfson Brands, a reputable company that adheres to FDA-approved manufacturing practices. This not only guarantees a high-quality product but also ensures the safety and efficacy of our supplement. We take pride in providing our customers with the best possible cognitive enhancement experience, and we believe that NooCube is a superior choice compared to Mind Lab Pro.


In this comparison between NooCube and Mind Lab Pro, we have closely examined various factors affecting the efficacy and suitability of both nootropic stacks. Taking into account aspects such as price, ingredients, and the ability to enhance cognitive performance, we can confidently determine that NooCube emerges as the superior option.

Both NooCube and Mind Lab Pro aim to increase mental energy levels, improve overall brain function, and combat cognitive decline. They do this by utilizing ingredients that promote blood flow, enhance neurotransmitter production, and support healthy brain cells. However, NooCube’s unique blend of ingredients, despite being more affordable than Mind Lab Pro, offers increased potency and effectiveness.

For instance, NooCube’s formula includes Huperzine A, extracted from Huperzia serrata, which boosts acetylcholine levels, a crucial neurotransmitter for nerve cells and cognitive performance. Additionally, NooCube’s formulation contains avena sativa and uncaria tomentosa, both contributing to increased cognitive ability, motivation, and memory retention.

On the other hand, Mind Lab Pro differentiates itself by incorporating maritime pine bark extract and Cognizin, a patented form of citicoline. Although these ingredients also exert positive effects on mental energy and brain processing, their impact may not be as potent as the combinations found in NooCube.

Another advantage of NooCube comes in the form of its GMP-certified manufacturing process, ensuring the highest quality and safety standards. And while many smart drugs come with the risk of side effects, NooCube provides a formula that promotes calmness and reduces anxiety.

In summary, NooCube has earned our recommendation as the better nootropic stack, based on its potent formulation, affordable price, and comprehensive approach to promoting long-term brain health. With its unique blend of cognitive enhancers, NooCube stands out as the optimal choice for anyone looking to elevate their mental prowess.


Do nootropics work?

Many nootropic ingredients and formulations have been shown to improve attention, memory, and learning, while others may promote relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety. For example, caffeine is a commonly used nootropic that can increase alertness and reduce fatigue, while L-Theanine, an amino acid found in tea leaves, has been shown to promote relaxation and reduce stress.

Are nootropics safe?

Nootropics that contain natural ingredients and have undergone clinical testing are generally considered safe when used properly. It is important to follow recommended dosages and to avoid taking more than the recommended amount. It's also worth being aware of any potential side effects and if necessary consult with your doctor if you have any underlying medical conditions.

What should I expect from a nootropic?

When taking a nootropic supplement, you should expect to experience some improvement in cognitive function, such as enhanced memory, concentration, and mental clarity. The effects of a nootropic will vary depending on the specific ingredients and dosage of the supplement, as well as individual factors such as age, overall health, and your lifestyle.

Which nootropic should I buy?

Popular nootropic supplements include NooCube, Mind Lab Pro, and Vyvamind. NooCube contains a blend of ingredients that may improve memory, focus, and overall cognitive function. Mind Lab Pro is designed to support brain health and cognitive performance through a variety of ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, and plant-based compounds. Vyvamind is a premium nootropic supplement that focuses almost exlcusively on cognitive function and mental performance. Read DBEM's guide to nootropics to see how the leading nootropic brands compare.