About PMHP: Perinatal Mental Health Parnership - Where We Started


July 19, 2023

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Welcome to the Perinatal Mental Health Partnership (PMHP), a collective initiative rooted in science, empathy, and commitment to fostering perinatal mental health. We are dedicated to raising awareness, providing resources, and promoting research on mental health during the perinatal period – a crucial window from pregnancy to the first year post-birth.

The Perinatal Mental Health Partnership: Fostering Healthy Minds from the Very Beginning. At PMHP, we are more than just an organization; we are a community dedicated to nurturing mental health from the earliest stages of life. We believe that by investing in perinatal mental health, we invest in the future of our families, our communities, and society at large. This belief fuels our commitment to action – raising awareness, providing resources, and advocating for the research and policy changes that can transform lives. As you navigate our site, we hope you’ll find the support, information, and understanding you need. Welcome to the Perinatal Mental Health Partnership.

Our Genesis

Born out of a shared recognition of the profound need for a focus on perinatal mental health, PMHP came to fruition through the collaborative efforts of clinicians, researchers, and advocates. Understanding that mental well-being during the perinatal period impacts not just the mother, but also the child and the wider family unit, we recognized the importance of specialized resources and support.

Our Mission

Our mission at PMHP is multi-faceted. First and foremost, we aim to elevate the understanding and awareness of perinatal mental health, effectively breaking down the barriers of stigma and misinformation. We also strive to provide current, evidence-based resources for mothers, their families, and healthcare providers, ensuring that support and education are accessible to all who need them. In addition, we advocate for further research and funding in this crucial field, pushing boundaries in the pursuit of excellence in perinatal mental health care.

What We Do

Awareness and Education
We utilize various platforms to educate the public about the importance of perinatal mental health, reducing stigma and fostering a culture of openness and understanding. Our efforts include regular educational sessions, webinars, and interactive events for parents, healthcare professionals, and the wider community.

Providing Resources
Our team curates a wealth of resources available to anyone needing guidance or support. These include scientifically-backed articles, links to professional help, and first-hand stories from those who have experienced perinatal mental health issues. Our commitment is to provide accurate, comprehensive, and accessible information.

Advocacy and Research
PMHP actively advocates for policy change and increased funding for perinatal mental health research and services. We collaborate with researchers to support studies that can broaden our understanding of perinatal mental health, subsequently influencing best practices in care provision.

Our Team

Our team is a blend of clinicians, researchers, advocates, and individuals with lived experiences, all united by the common aim of improving perinatal mental health. We believe that this diversity enriches our understanding and enables us to address perinatal mental health from multiple perspectives, ensuring comprehensive and empathetic support.

Join Us

The journey towards optimal perinatal mental health is a collaborative endeavor. We invite you to join us in this vital mission. Whether you’re seeking help, offering support, or wanting to learn more, you’re welcome here at the Perinatal Mental Health Partnership. Together, we can make a difference.